The "Cercle Laïque des Tourelles d'Orléans" (CLTO BADMINTON) is a sports club created in March 1992. It has not stopped evolving and developing year by year according to the national and international craze for badminton. It is the first badminton club in number of members of the city of Orleans and the Loiret department. Today it has around 350 members spread over 60 hours of slots by week. The club has been evolving for 8 years at the national level. Several other teams play at different levels of the championships : departmental or regional.

The CLTO BADMINTON first wished to organize a tournament with a regional and then national vocation (with the A / ELITE series) from 1998. Very quickly, achieving a tremendous success, the organizers needed a larger playing space . As early as 1996, the tournament then called "Les Volants de l'Orléans" was transferred to the Sports Palace in the city of Orleans. In 2003, enjoying great success, the tournament opened up to the international, becoming on this occasion: the Tournoi International des Volants de l'Orléanais (TIVO).

In 2011, CLTO BADMINTON decided to take another important step by applying to obtain accreditation from Badminton Europe in order to appear on the international calendar. In April this year, the French Badminton Federation granted the organization of the "Badminton International Series" (BIS) to CLTO BADMINTON for the 3 sports seasons 2011-2012, 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

Proud to embark on this new challenge, CLTO BADMINTON as well as partner Loiret clubs, CODEP and the Center Badminton League, have come together to make this exceptional sporting event an unforgettable tournament. Especially since the first edition of the BIS qualified for the London 2012 Olympics. Eight players thus obtained their "ticket" to Orleans to participate in the London Games. 5000 spectators and 1000 schoolchildren rushed for 4 days to come and applaud the champions of Badminton.

In 2013, the CLTO BADMINTON took up a new challenge by becoming an “International Challenge” and thus climbed one more step in the very restricted circle of European tournaments. Its edition which took place from March 28 to 31, 2013 was this time qualifying for the 20th Badminton World Championships which took place in China. With its "black session" unique in Europe and its Champagne bar, the Orléans International Challenge was able to conquer an increasingly large audience from 2013 to 2017. In 2017, more than 8000 spectators, novices and amateurs, were able to attend to very high quality matches between the champions of the 5 continents.

Since June 2017, a new stage has been reached with the help of local authorities since the Badminton World Federation (BWF) has accepted the candidacy of CLTO BADMINTON for the organization of a higher ranking tournament. Thus, from 2018 and for a period of 4 years, the Orleans International Challenge becomes the "Orleans Masters" and enters the very restricted circle of the 30 best badminton tournaments in the world. The format (6 days of competition instead of 4) and the level (level 6) of the event changes once again to the delight of athletes, spectators ... and viewers.

In November 2017, the association "CLTO Badminton Event" was created to oversee the organization of the international tournament (Orléans Masters): "The purpose of this association is: the organization of a badminton tournament grade 2, level 6 and / or lower levels according to the current BWF standard and its promotion in all its forms at local, national and international level including through economic activities "(extract from the association's statutes).


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